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TRE S1-82 Chelsea Kent

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TRE S1-82 Chelsea Kent Good morning, afternoon, evening wherever you are in the world right now, this is Amrys Wang of The Raw Entrepawneur! Today’s episode is with one of my heroes whom I've admired for several years not knowing what she looked like! I was nervous and excited to meet her! She has a beautiful brain, an enquiring mind, sharp observational wit and is oh so eloquent and crafty! Ever resourceful and will take as long as it's needed to deep dive into a subject... Chelsea Kent, co- founded Hero's Pets in Littleton, CO in 2007. She is a regulatory specialist, attends all AAFCO meetings and consults for multiple non-profits, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. She authors educational articles on a variety of veterinary and social platforms. This is her story. Hero's Pets The Raw Entrepawneur:

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